The Edinburgh Castle

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  2. April 2, 2013 5:08 pm

The Edinburgh Castle

The Edinburgh Castle is the beacon of the city, high on the hill, watching over it for a millennium of ages. Iron age residents lived on the hill at least by 900 BC, leaving relics of weapons found later on. David I built St. Margaret’s Chapel in 1130 AD, and the rest of the castle followed over the next few centuries.

Over one million visitors tour the castle annually, making it the most popular tourist attraction in Scotland. It is one of the few intact castles preserved for public viewing in Great Britain. Many sections of the castle have been built and rebuilt over the years, but the many huge buildings that are left are quite amazing. Visitors are fortunate to see such a well-preserved historic castle in this day and time.

The castle sits at the top end of the Royal Mile, the reward for making the trek from the bottom of the hill. The Royal Mile draws visitors along through the shops, pubs and eating establishments until they reach the hill. Very few, if any, tourists forego the walk uphill because the castle is worth the trip.

The views of the city from different overlooks around the castle are very gratifying after making the effort to get up there. There are cafes and other amenities for recharging the batteries after the walk up and around the castle buildings. Remember, the One O’Clock Gun is fired everyday except Sunday to uphold tradition from 1861. Be prepared so you don’t throw your coffee on some unsuspecting person nearby.

The Royal Edinburgh Military Tattoo is held on the castle esplanade every August, including this one; tickets sell out quickly. Concerts and gun salutes are held on the esplanade at various times, too. Visit the castle this year and feel the history.

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